A Fine Mess

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Hi! I'm Nate. This is pretty much a mess of everything I like. I spend most of my time in Ormond Beach, Florida, although I live in Sanford, Florida. I'm 20 and I'm pretty damn sure I was a hippie
in a past life, I pretty much live my life in the 60's. Motorcycles + women = <3. I was born
in the south, and love everything about it, so it's no surprise I love classic rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd (my fav.), Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Stone Temple Pilots,
The James Gang, CCR, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and of course The Eagles, though I pretty much listen to every genre of music.
F l a g l e r 2016
Oh, and I love history :3.
Note: I don't take credit for any of these pictures unless stated!